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Do you know what is the meaning of Ayurveda in Sanskrit? It means the science of life and longevity. It involves medication using natural herbs that integrate mind, body, and spirit to maintain health. It is an ancient health care system practiced in India from ages. The holistic healing system is gathered through seeking the divine knowledge by sages in nature and the human body. What makes Ayurveda one of the best medical treatment is its amazing natural properties which are completely safe and effective on the human body. Asthi Jivak utilizes the botanical extracts and organic derivations to keep essential elements of the body in balance and thus helps you prevent an ailment or sustain a perfect cure for the disease.

* Note: Results may vary person to person.


Asthijivak is a miraculous ayurvedic joint pain relieving formula invented by pundit Shri Ram Sharma about 175 years ago at a village in Rajasthan, India. Made with all natural herbs, Asthijivak was very much in use in earlier times by the Indian soldiers and even by the Britishers who started using it in India and traveled back with the same to Britain. However, the formula was not readily available for the commoners and was limited to very few. Later on, the invention was passed on to the generations of Vaidhya Sharma who finally decided to distribute it amongst large masses.

Features of Asthijivak

  • star Asthijivak is complete joint pain relieving oil and paste.
  • star It is an efficient ayurvedic formulation.
  • star Made with all natural herbs, it is free from all side effects.

Benefits of Asthijivak

  • star Asthijivak is an amazing body pain relieving oil and paste.
  • star It helps in relieving joint pains, knee pains and all the muscular pains.

* Note : Results may vary person to person.



  • graystar Kuchala
  • graystar Dard Maida Chhal
  • graystar Aankada Phool
  • graystar Rae
  • graystar Ajwain
  • graystar Arand (Root)
  • graystar Halo
  • graystar Haldi
  • graystar Akarkara
  • graystar Gwarpatha
  • graystar Nirgundi
  • graystar Pan
  • graystar Rasna
  • graystar Ashwagandha

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- Reviews -

"I got to know about Asthijivak from TV advertisement and I ordered one for my long time back pain. At first I thought it would be same as other pain relieving oils but it changed my perception completely. It worked effectively and has completely relieved me from my severe back pain." - Ramesh Chand from Delhi

"Asthijivak is effective and has worked fabulously for my knee pain. Asthijivak Paste and oil works impressively and is definitely worth a purchase. " - Daya Sankar from UP

"I works for 8-9 hours in an IT company and sitting for long hours often get me sever back pain. So much so that I had to bear it for several days. Though I have had used a lot of other pain relieving ointments but nothing has worked as efficiently as Asthijivak. I definitely loved the way this amazing oil works and would advice you to use it for yourself." - Mohit Kumar from Bihar

"Asthijivak is an amazing quality joint pain relieving oil made with all ayurvedic herbs. It works faster and is completely safe. I use it for my daily joint pains and would definitely continue to use it in future as well." - Naveen Sharma from Shimla

"I bought Asthijivak few months back and i am already in awe of this amazing product. It really works and is definitely worth a try for all." - Pankaj Desai from Surat

* Note : Results may vary person to person.

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- F.A.Q's -

[ Q ] What is Asthijivak?

[ ANS ] Asthijivak is an effective ayurvedic treatment for all the body ailments. It can help you in proving relief from knee pain, joint pain and all the muscular pains. Being herbal, the product is safe to use for all.

[ Q ] How it works?

[ ANS ] Asthijivak renders you a perfect cure for body ailments. The product starts working through the application itself. It helps in reconstructing the damaged tissues of the knee joints and the other injured parts of the body.

[ Q ] What are the benefits of Asthijivak?

[ ANS ] It is an easier way to relieve your knee pain, joint pain just by applying paste and oil on regular basis. It gives immense effect on your chronic or new pain.

[ Q ] What ailments are covered by using asthi jivak?

[ ANS ] That all is included in the Asthi Jivak package

  • Knee pains
  • Joint pains
  • Muscular pains
  • All the other ailments in human body.

[ Q ] How to use?

  • Apply one or two teaspoons of Asthijivak oil and paste with your fingers tips over the injured part of the body.
  • Massage for few minutes over the affected area.
  • Do not pressurize the injured part while massaging.
  • Apply it in continuous circular motion. Follow the procedure for 3-4 times in a day up to 15 days for effective results.

[ Q ] Is Asthijivak safe?

[ ANS ] Yes, Asthijivak is made up of all ayurvedic herbs and is thus completely safe to use for all.

[ Q ] How to order Asthijivak Oil and Paste?

[ ANS ] To order this product -

  • Simply dial on the contact number available on our website.
  • Or, you can also place your order through filling in the order form provided on the website and our executives will reach you as soon as possible.

* Note : Results may vary person to person.

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